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Flour Bakery

By Janna Comeau

Flour was started in 2000 by Joanne Chang. The first bakery/cafe opened up in the South End, but in the past fifteen years they have spread to the Back Bay, Central Square, and Fort Point, where I found myself today around lunch time.

I got in the quickly moving line and put in my order: a BLT of applewood smoked bacon, arugula, and tomato, and a peach mint breeze to wash it down. The peach mint breeze was the special drink at the moment and was absolutely delicious and refreshing, but they also had a watermelon mint seltzer that I would love to go back and try.



The sandwich was absolutely delicious, and after eating it I didn’t have much room for anything else, so I decided to look around and pick out some sweets to take home for later. To say they have an excellent selection of pastries and cookies would be an understatement. And remember, this is all in addition to the sandwiches, soups, salads, and drinks.


Helpfully, Joanne Chang’s cookbooks are for sale at Flour, for anyone who wants to try their hand at creating some of the amazing food scene here. I don’t know if I could create a sticky bun as good looking as those, but it would be a pretty tasty experiment either way. I should sign up for some of the baking classes that Flour offers too, to really improve my skills.


I had to take a few things home for later: a slice of lemon meringue pie, a chocolate chip macaroon, and a ginger molasses cookie. All were fabulous, but the cookie in particular stood out. I have to get back to Flour sometime soon, to try more of the menu!


Posted by: Nicola on September 1, 2015 @ 3:55 pm
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