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Granary Tavern

by Janna Comeau

Last night I had an excellent dinner at Granary Tavern. I decided to visit because Granary Tavern is one of the restaurant vendors for the Link Net this year.

Granary eggs

granary drink

It’s hard for me to resist deviled eggs when I see them on a menu, and these came out a glorious shade of pink. According to my fabulous waitress, the eggs were soaked in beet juice to obtain the color. I paired these with a Tavern Sling, a mix of Hendricks gin, elderflower, lime, mint, and a splash of soda. It was so refreshing, especially after a very hot day.

granary brie

granary brie 2

granary drink 2

Anyone who knows me knows I am wicked into cheese, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that I ordered the baked Brie, which came with red onion jam, honey, and grilled pieces of baguette. It was creamy, sweet, and delicious. After I finished my Tavern Sling, I ordered a Bourbon Cooler, a tasty mix of blackberries, basil, Bulleit Rye, peace, and ginger beer.

Granary chicken and waffles

The chicken and waffle is an iconic dish, and my waitress, who grew up in the South, swore that Granary Tavern was one of the few places in the city that prepares it authentically. Granary Tavern uses statler cut gianonne, Belgian waffle, maple drizzle, and honey butter. I can attest that it was absolutely fabulous, and I would love to go back and order it again!

granary drink 3

granary apple crisp

I had the tiniest bit of room left, and it was the night before the beginning of the school year, so I decided to treat myself to a bit of dessert. I ordered the apple crisp, made to order with a large serving of vanilla ice cream. It was decadent and awesome and I couldn’t come close to finishing it, but I’m so glad I ordered it. I also had to sample the Granary Sangria, a mix of white wine, peach, orange, lime, and cinnamon. It was a fabulous way to end the summer and start the school year.

Posted by: Nicola on September 9, 2015 @ 12:40 pm
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