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Seafood Throwdown

Fish Stock is the portion of the Link Net that highlights the fisher folk and the seafood that are local to New England and meet a set of values that include social, economic, environmental, and food justice. Brought to us by Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA), The Seafood Throwdown is the main event of Fish Stock! Two chefs will engage in a culinary battle of skill and creativity with the secret seafood ingredient.  The Throwdown will be immediately followed by a fillet demo presented by a local chef fishmonger, fisherman, or chef.

The Link Net Seafood Throwdown is hosted by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA).  NAMA is a fishermen-led organization building a broad movement toward healthy fisheries and fishing communities.They build deep and trusting relationships with community based fisherman, crew, fishworkers and allies to create effective policy and market strategies. NAMA advocates for policies that advance social, economic, and environmental justice throughout the entire seafood value chain and ensures seafood access to all communities regardless of income, race, geography, or culture. NAMA piloted the Seafood Throwdown event in 2008as an educational and community driven activity that promotes the ecological and economic benefits of locally caught seafood and puts the public in touch with those who put seafood on our tables.

NORTHWEST ATLANTIC MARINE ALLIANCE’S FISHSTOCK                                     (Milk Street, between Zone B and Zone C)

Fishstock is presented in partnership with the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and highlights cooking with locally caught and values-driven seafood. The “mystery” seafood supplier is Spencer Montgomery from the F/V Finlander, out of Eliot, Maine, utilizing rod & reel. They’ll be battling some blustery weather to get it done!

Seafood Throwdown Schedule

Emcee:  Spencer Montgomery

  •     12:30-2:30 PM:

o   Seafood Throwdown with Chef Kevin Conner Vs. Chef Amanda Parks

  • 3:00-4:00 PM:

o   Filet Demonstration with guest Chef: Chef “Ras Skills” Mills. The featured fish   will be pollock, courtesy of New England Fishmonger. Not only will you see and learn how to fillet a whole fish, there will be limited tastings of the pollock cooked with a little spice of Jamaica!

The Chefs

  • Chef #1:  Kevin Conner of Community Servings – Jamaica Plain, MA  
  • Chef #2:  Amanda Parks of Fishmongers, Eliot, ME-defending her title

Amanda Parks the co-founder of New England Fishmongers and a fisherman aboard the F/V Finlander in Eliot ME. Her company distributes rod and reel caught fish direct off of the Finlander to chefs in the region. From northern to southern New England, restaurants that serve their catch include Black Bircand Robert’s Maine Grill in Maine; Black Trumpet, The Franklin Oyster House and 7th Settlement in NH; and Row 34 in Boston.

Executive Chef Kevin Conner of Community Servings in Jamaica Plain MA does amazing work with families dealing with chronic and terminal illnesses.  As Executive Chef, Kevin oversees all kitchen operations including the preparation, cooking, packaging, handling and storage of 4,000 daily meals that are tailored to meet the needs of more than 15 different diets. Kevin, a native of upstate New York, has been a professional chef for 20 years. His culinary experience includes crafting menus and recipes at some of the region’s most well-known restaurants, including No. 9 Park, Radius, Union Bar Grille in Boston and Al Forno in Providence. Prior to joining the staff of Community Servings, he worked as the Executive Chef at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Kevin is a graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Program.

The Judges

Chef Derrick Prince and Chef Christian Collins (Photo Credit: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance)


Crowd takes in the throwdown action (Photo Credit: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance)

Derrick Prince, 2011 winner. (Photo Credit: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance)